Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Earthday To You! Happy Earthday To You!...

Hello Everyone!!
I know Earthday isn't until Sunday, but in our classroom we think everyday should be Earthday!! So I'm going to post about a couple of things we did this week!  We decided to make a giant paper earth out of old magazines that would have gone to the landfill.  We drew a huge circle, put in some of the continents, and got busy finding and cutting out pieces of blue and green from the magazines. Then came the gluing!!  We all worked on this project together...just like we should work together to help the earth stay healthy.  We think it turned out great!!!  Hooray for the Earth!!!
Hooray for First Graders!!! Hooray for working together to accomplish great things!!

A treat for working so hard this week was Earthday Cupcakes!  We have been working so hard on compound words, with "cupcake" as one of the more fun ones!  So of course, we had to make cupcakes that looked like the earth (saw this idea on Pinterest, and knew I needed to do these!).  The kids loved them.  They had the choice of whether or not to add "clouds" or the "atmosphere" frosting.  So yummy!  Happy Earthday To You, Happy Earthday To You! We didn't have time today, but we will do a descriptive writing about cupcakes using all of our senses next week!  :)

Many hands make light work

We finally got it done!!! Here's our hallway display!

Earthday Cupcakes!! MMMMM

Atmosphere Frosting

 Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  Next week? Field trips and testing!!! Fun week! ;)
Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!!


  1. That earth is quite a masterpiece. I bet the kids oohed and aahed.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. What a great idea! I'm wondering if my butcher paper at school will be big enough for this. I guess I could make small worlds and have the kids work in groups. I really love this activity. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Holly, We glued two pieces of butcher paper together to get an earth that big. We looooove going big on everything!!

  4. I just noticed the tape line in one of the pictures. I should have thought of that. I loved your poetry ideas. We used a few this month. I found your blog when I was looking for poetry ideas. Thanks for responding back! Any ideas for the last month of school?

  5. You are amazing! I am sorry I have not been by to visit in a loooonnnnnngggggg time. =(

    What a blessing you are to me!

    Heather's Heart


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