Thursday, April 12, 2012

If You Give a First Grader a Dandelion

Hello Everyone!
Just a very quick post tonight.  We are all exhausted from a long day of "Fun Running" and trying to fit in our regular curriculum with Daily 5 and all.  Today's "Work on Writing" included a sweet little circle story for the kids to write and illustrate.  As you know, we are stuck on the dandelion thing, but we have also begun discussing the work of one of our favorite authors, Laura Numeroff. You know..."If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!"  Well, I decided to combine the two ideas and have the kids write a circle story called "If You Give a First Grader a Dandelion."  They turned out so cute!  These kids are amazing!!  Take a quick peek!

The author of this one goes back and gets more dandelions with more wishes!!! :)
Here's the printable! :)

or click here! :)

OK!!  Ready to chill for a bit!!!  Have a good one! 

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all the great resources!!


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