Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Cupcake Full Of Compound Words--Sweeeeeeeet!

Hello Everyone!
Just another quick post, as I have company coming in a bit! We read the very fun book "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" today, and again I wanted to celebrate our favorite author, Laura Numeroff, by doing a literature response including her use of compound words!  The kids are so tuned in to compound words, they are finding them everywhere!!  Of course because of the title of this book, we had to do something with cupcakes and compound words.  So we slipped into our "Smart Cookie Bakery aprons again and baked up some wonderful "Cupcakes full of Compound Words!  We used some striped scrapbook paper for the cup and scrunched tissue paper for the frosting.  The sprinkles were the perfect place to write some of those compound words the kids have been finding!  When the kids were finished, they had to read their "sprinkles" to me and a friend and then Tah Dah!...a cherry (red sticker) was added on top!!  I think the kids did a great job on these and I know they have extended their knowledge of compound a yummy way!!  Way to go, guys!!!

Have a sweet evening! Stop by again for a peek at some Earth Day Activities!!


  1. Did each child make an apron? Super Cute!!!

    M. Taylor - Georgia

  2. I made the aprons a while Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon purchase. Wrote on them with sharpies!! Kids love them!

  3. Totally in love with these cupcakes full of compound words! SO stinkin' cute!!! HAVE TO DO!!


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