Monday, April 9, 2012

Dandy Dandy Dandelion

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by!  Dandelions!?!?!  What kid doesn't love dandelions!!  We are right in the middle of our plant unit and wouldn't you know?  My kids' favorite flower is the dandelion!  I decided to capture that enthusiasm and do a study about that fun flower.  We read a book called Dandelion by LP Kite, and learned that dandelions can grow just about anywhere, even in the crack of a sidewalk!  We took a quick mini field trip outside and found a couple of dandelions in two different stages. We learned  a little bit more about the lifecycle of this flowering plant and created an anchor chart to help us remember.  The chart turned out to be interactive as the vocabulary cards  are removable. Each kiddo worked on his own lifecycle chart and response sheet for their science journals. We also found a sweet little poem to recite!
I can't wait for the rest of this week!  I have some great things planned, so stop by again soon!!

Stay tuned and stop and smell the dandelions!