Thursday, April 26, 2012

Instead of Said

Hello Everyone!
Just another quick post tonight. (I know all my posts have been quick lately) Today we worked a little more on dialogue in our reading and writing.  We worked on different ways to say "said."  "Said" sometimes gets a little boring and the pictures in our heads are not as clear as when we use words like "hollered" or "whined." We brainstormed other words to use instead of "said" on to our newest anchor chart. The kiddos then had the opportunity to become Sentence Surgeons again.  This time they had to choose a sentence (the patient), and cut out the "said."  Then they selected a new word to use instead of "said." After performing the surgery, they had to share their new improved sentences with the class.  Great job, Doctors!!! 

Thanks for taking a peek today!!
 "Stop by agin soon," said  pleaded Mrs. V. :)