Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Fan and Apple Jack Words

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to our wonderful first grade world!  This week we are working hard on the short a chunks. Word work during Daily 5 is one of my favorite places to add some pizazz! This week I added some "Teacher Treats" to my choice board.  One of the choices was to make an "An Fan."  The kids wrote their choice of /an/ words on paint chips (I did ask the sweet WalMart employee before I took so many of them!) traced over them with a sharpie and then punched holes in the other end for a brass fastener to fit through.  I think they turned out beautifully!  They had to find a friend with whom to read and spell their /an/ words from their "An Fans."

Another "Teacher Treat" from our Word Work Choice board this week was "Apple Jack Words."  This time the kids had to write their choice of /ap/ words on a recording sheet and use a, Apple Jack for the a in each word.  So much fun and memorable.  I think they will always think of /ap/ words as "Apple Jack Words!"  


I am sure my kids will be ready for their first Spell Check on Friday!!