Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flip or Kick the Sound!

Hello Everyone!
This week in first grade we will be practicing the "Accuracy" menu item on our CAFE board by "flipping" or "kicking" the sound.  As young readers use their knowledge of letter sounds to decode words, we will guide them through this new strategy.  While reading, if a word doesn't sound right, we will work on flipping or kicking a sound from the word and replacing it with another sound that letter can make.  We will work mainly on the vowel sounds this week, but will soon move to the hard and soft sound of g and c, the different sounds of y, and the vowel digraphs and diphthongs. I tried to find a cute song or rhyme to go along with either the "Flippy Dolphin" many primary teachers use, or my new "Kick" the sound strategy posters (You can get my Wranglin' Word Strategies posters here), but ended up just reworking a few different ones to fit our needs. Have a look!

click (or flip) here! :)

Happy flipping, kicking and reading!