Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready to Read at Home!!

Hello Everyone!
We believe that the more time spent with books in the hands of our young readers, the greater progress we'll see in their growth as readers.  We also believe with our whole hearts in the home / school connection.  We recommend that our firsties read for at least 10 minutes every evening.  Tomorrow is the day when we will begin sending home books for our kids to read to parents. They will be "just right" books which they have each selected. 
Over the years I have had many parents tell me they aren't sure what to work on, or what to do when their child misses a word, or doesn't understand something.  I have reworked my "Reading With Your Child" note for parents to include what to do before, during , and after the read. I will be sending this home along with the first home reader, and the reading log. 

If you would like a printable of the log and the parent guide, click here

Happy Reading!!