Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bubblegum Beginning!

Howdy Everyone!
WOW!!  What a great first week we had!  I love my new class so much already.  They are so anxious to learn.  We had so much fun beginning the year with our Bubble gum theme!  And can you believe it? One of the last things we did this week was a science experiment with bubble gum.  Yes! I let the kids chew and chew and chew. they couldn't believe they were chewing gum at school.
We started the week off with taking each first grader's (120 of the little cuties) picture with a cute frame we created to go with our theme.  A huge thank you to my team mate's awesome hubby for coming to do this!  And a huge thank you to our amazing room mom who developed the pictures! We added the pics to our door decor.
We continued the week with lots of fun bubblegum adventures. I added a couple of things to my Bubble Gun, Bubble Gum Unit, so click on the link below if you wan the new unit.  Enjoy the pictures!

Kids drew and colored their favorite thing from the first day. The drawings went on the gumballs in the hallway!

Our first "data" gathering.

"Roll a Gumball Machine" activity.

 Learning how to "tally count" activity

Even our drawing of what a scientist looks like
 ended up on gumballs!

You should have heard some of the responses!! :)

Making our own gumball machines and analyzing data.

Science activity. Learning about investigating, observing, and recording as scientists.
All these activities and more are included in my unit!
Stop by again soon for another peek into our first grade wonderful world!