Friday, September 28, 2012

Eat Your words- Skittles!

Hello Everyone!
Just a super quick post tonight! Crazy busy weekend coming up!  
This week our sweet little firsties practiced the short i sound by brainstorming all the words they could think of with ip, in, and it in them.  We practiced with rainbow words, stamps, magnets and...Skittles during Daily 5 Word Work.  My teacher treat for  word work practice one day was to write the short i words, write them again with the "taste the rainbow" colors of Skittles and then use a skittle for the dot above all the short i's. "Skittles is the best short i word ever," said the kids!!  What a sweet way to practice some sweet words!! 

Click here for your own sweet "Eat your Words" printable!

Have a sweet weekend!!