Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Readers...

Hello Everyone!
What does it mean to be a good reader as far as first graders are concerned?  Well, let's let first graders tell us!  This week we created a new anchor chart for what we thought good readers do.  After almost three weeks of building these kids up as far as what we will work on this year, I think they came up with a pretty good list!  We added their ideas to a cute chart that will hang in our room.  We have extra flowers to add later as we dig into and grow our reading. Great job, kids!! 
I made a smaller version of the poster for kids to take home, or put in their Reader's Response journals...I haven't decided yet. 

 For your free printable version of our poster, click here! :)
  Happy Reading!!

I have to sneak in a sweet picture of one of my sweeties enjoying "practicing reading" with Stripes the Bibliobear in our reading tub!