Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wonderful Word Work

Hello Everyone!
I am gearing up for some seriously Wonderful Word Work during Daily 5 this coming week. We'll be introducing our "chunks" for the week as well as all of our fun ways to practice using those chunks in words.  We will work hard on learning the differences between vowels and consonants as well as continuing to understand the phonics rules and exceptions.  I have posted on the different choices the kids will have for word work during our Daily 5 rotations, but I wanted to share my "find" of the day!  I love for my kids to stamp their words at least once during the week.  Alphabet stamps are pretty expensive.  Imagine my smile when I found some mini alphabet stamps at WalMart for only 97 cents!!  Now I can have up to six kids stamping away at once! Happy kids- Happy teacher!
 I'm sharing my new vowel poems, a Word Work song and some pics of my cute little stamps. I'm also sharing my word work choices 10 page pack again.

 For printables of my 6 vowel poems/songs click here!

 For a 10 page Word Work Choice unit, click here
  (Unit has directions and recording sheets for 9 different choices.) 

Alphabet stamps- 97 cents, stamp pad- $1.99, Notebook- 17 cents, Stamp Stomp supplies!

Glue the Word Work song inside the cover of the word work notebook!
 For a printable of my Word Work song, click here

 To read a little more about my word work choices, click here

Happy Stamping!!