Friday, September 21, 2012

Flutter, Flutterfly, flutter!!

Hello Everyone!
What a wonderful way to end our week!  We have been studying seasons and weather and today we created "Flutterflies" to help us learn about wind. We had brainstormed weather words earlier in the week.  I saved the chart for an anchor for today. We had some sweet moms cut out 2 cloud shaped pieces of white construction paper and some lengths of crepe paper streamers in the colors of the rainbow for each of our first graders (Thank you moms!!) The kids then wrote the weather vocabulary on the cloud, glued the streamers to the bottom of the cloud and sandwiched the other cloud shape on top.  We then took the flutterflies outside. The kids had to hold their clouds still and see what happened to the streamers.  They discovered that even though we couldn't see the wind, we could see what the wind could do. We had wonderful conversation about what else made the air around us move!  Then it was time to come back in and record our findings just as scientists do!  

Flutter, Flutterfly, flutter!

If you want the free printable, flutter on over to here!:)

Have a flutter-filled weekend!!