Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Put a Cap On it!!

This week we are working hard on knowing when to use upper and lowercase letters in our writing.  Many first graders start off using upper case letters randomly and inconsistently. Most know the difference in the letters but are unsure of when to use them. Most do know that when we write I speaking about ourselves, we use uppercase. I thought I would tackle the other inconsistencies in a fun way by "putting a cap on it!" We literally put "a cap" on it!  I wrote a quick little chant/rap (whatever you want to call it) , put some labels on some caps, and tah-dah! "The beginning of a sentence, names and I!"  The kids caught on so quickly!  We didn't want to stop! 
We read the chant several times...You can put your own spin on it,
 but it turned out to sound like a mini rap.
(Don't worry, I changed the it's to its already! Thanks for catching that, friend!!)

Then the kids made their own caps. Colored the cap, cut it out,
 wrote the three times to use uppercase on the back,
and then we fit them to our heads! :)
Sorry, the pics didn't turn out very well.
The kids loved them though and wore them all day!
(its, not it's)
Have fun with learning and Put a Cap On It! :)


  1. Hi Nancy-I enjoy reading your posts. You and your first graders are going to have a great year! Please correct the spelling of "its" in your cute rap. "it's" is the contraction for it is while its is the correct possessive form. So it should read "An upper case takes its place." I know you want your kiddos to learn the correct form.

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas. :)

  3. Thank you, this is great!!! Also my students love doing your David Goes to School activity!!!

  4. Can't wait to try this with my students!! Thank you for the idea :)

  5. It's = it is. Its = possessive.


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