Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shhhh! We're building our Stamina!

Hello Everyone!
I hope I'm not interrupting and interfering with your own stamina building! :)  But I just had a quick post about our stamina work.  Stamina for our first graders is the ability to stay focused long enough to hear the directions, follow through with several steps of those directions, read for greater lengths of time, write for greater lengths of time, and even sit in one spot in the cafeteria for 30 minutes! Today we specifically talked about stamina in our reading and writing and why it is important to build and grow our stamina. Just like athletes practicing their sports in order to get better and stronger, students need to practice reading, writing, focusing, etc.  We talked about when we are doing our Daily 5, we are adding a few minutes each time.  We are building our own Stamina!  We are going to be stronger readers and writers!! As the kids were working today, I told them I was going to look for those whom I could tell were really working on building their stamina. As I found those kids, they were rewarded with a stamina strip (just a little paper bracelet), as well as being rewarded with work done completely and growth of focus on reading and writing evident. 
Here's a little poster we have hanging in the room! :)

Earning a Stamina Strip!

Building Stamina by reading to someone for a little longer!

Love the strong man building his stamina!

For your own copy of our Stamina poster, click here! :)

Now you can go back to building your own stamina! Thanks for stopping by!!