Saturday, October 13, 2012

Splat the Cat helps us observe the night sky!

Hello Everyone!
This week we enjoyed learning about things we see in the night sky. Splat the Cat came to the rescue! His latest book "Splat the Cat, Good Night, Sleep Tight" by Rob Scotton is a sweet little story about that cute little cat's adventures at a sleep over in his back yard. Love this little guy!  After reading the story we brainstormed all the things he saw while outside at night---not everything was in the sky, but it was a good list . The kids then wrote a list of their own in their Reader's Response Journals, and got started on making a Splat the Cat of their own.  I let them choose what they wanted to write on the moon shape.  I think they turned out so cute!!  The kids did a great job listening, following directions and adding their own personalities and details. To celebrate our observations of the night sky we had fun with our third grade book buddies reading to flashlight  (starlight reading) and wearing pj's.
We also investigated how the craters were made on the moon.

Starlight Reading!

 For your free 15 page mini Splat unit, click here!

Unit contains a couple moon poems, Splat the Cat Craft Connection patterns, and Science Investigation!

Up next? Stellaluna! LOOOOOOVE this book!!

Till then...enjoy your night sky!  Come back soon for a peek into our wonder-filled first grade day!