Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Star Studded Word Work

Hello Everyone!
 Just a quick post tonight again! Gearing up for parent conferences. And a warning that pics of my kids are going to be fewer as we are in  full blown Daily 5 and guided reading group mode. I don't always think of grabbing my camera.  I do know that my kids think I always have my camera handy and can snap a pic anytime, so the quality of work is almost always high! Hmmmmm. I hope they keep it up even though I probably won't be snapping as many!!
Anyway, this week we are doing a study of the sweet little objects we see in the night sky. You guessed it...stars. We are also working hard on the s blends including sl, sp, and st. So, as you know I have to integrate, integrate, integrate!  Today for Daily 5 word work I had a Teacher Treat for the kids.  They got to choose some fun sparkly "STar" foam stickers (thank you to the mom who donated them!) to attach to black paper, and then practice their choice of st words to write in chalk.  What fun!  

Great job, kids!!

Have a star studded night!!