Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Muncher

Hello Everyone!
Beware of the Pumpkin Muncher! Today we practiced greater than and less than (comparing number quantities) with a lifesize "Pumpkin Muncher" workmat!  I posted about our Runaway Pumpkin unit earlier. (You can click on the unit below) A smaller version of this activity is in that unit, but I wanted to bring it to life!  I made our workmat out of a shower curtain liner (Thanks, Dollar Tree) and just taped off some "pumpkin shapes." I made a giant muncher (greater than and less than symbol) from two long paint sticks and duct tape. I added a giant wiggly eye and tah-dah! The kids took turns grouping themselves in the pumpkins while others counted and decided the placement of the Pumpkin Muncher.  So fun!
Beware of the Pumpkin Muncher

The Pumpkin Muncher in action!!

For a printable of the student pages for the Pumpkin Muncher, click 

You can have fun with math!! Munch it! :)