Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eat Your Words-Lucky Charms

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick post tonight...Getting ready for our annual Chili Cook-Off tomorrow! :) Should be fun!  Today we practiced our short u words during our Daily 5 Word Work time. The kids love it when I incorporate an edible component to our practice. Finding something to go along with short u was tricky! But, alas! Lucky Charms to the rescue!! I got lucky because Lucky Charms is not only an example of a short u word, but we are also learning about the moon this week and it just so happens that Lucky Charms has moon shapes! That crescent moon turned on it's end makes a great u!  Some of the kids used the rainbows and the horseshoes for u's as well! Way to go kids!


Wish us Luck for our Chili Cook-Off!  I think we've got the best recipe!! :) Thank you, Leila's Mom!!
Have a good night everyone!


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