Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lollipops and Dots- Short O Rocks!

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for stopping to take a peek into this wonder-filled world of first grade! This week we are working hard on the short o sound in our word work. We learned a fun song about short o. We brainstormed  lists of short o words.  We tried to include short o words in our writing, and we had fun practicing them.  Two fun activities that will help cement the use of short o in words were our "Lollipop Words" and our "Dot Words." Take a look at the pics! 

Simply cut some white circles. Draw a swirl.  Write all the op words you can think of. Trace over words and swirl with a marker. Color. Tape on a stick! Yum!

Dot words were made with bingo dot markers. (We had some dot markers left over from our bubblegum unit!)  Some kids decided to create dot to dots out of their dot words! Way to go, guys!!

Have a hoppy...I mean happy day!


  1. You always have the best ideas Nancy! Your blog is a treasure to me. Thank you for being such an inspiration! =)

    Sweet, little one #2 has the most amazing eyelashes...beautiful!

    Blessings to you sweet friend!

    Heather's Heart

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. We do short o next week- do you mind sharing the short o song you use?

  3. Love this idea! We are on the short vowel u sound but also have the word swirl in our Isabel Beck vocabulary this week so we are going to try this..only we will call them Swirly Suckers!( short u words instead) thanks for such terrific ideas. I can hardly wait to do these!

  4. This is so super cute, thanks for the great idea, just found through pinterest.

    First Grade Fun with Mrs. Dunn

  5. Wow! This is an amazing website!!!! Thank you so much for the very creative, fun, and engaging ideas! I'm excited to go back to school and use these ideas in my classroom! THANK YOU!!!


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