Monday, January 14, 2013

If the Mitten Fits...

Hello Everyone!!
Just a quick post tonight! Making a yummy dinner tonight and I'm just waiting for the oven to heat up!  Today we worked hard on "Bridging to 10" in math.  Our whole group activity was called "If the Mitten fits..."  It fits right along with our literacy unit for this week on "The Mitten."  I  put together some large mittens with two 10 frames on each, to show an addition fact. Along with those, I made some hand shapes with two ten frames as well.  The hand ten frames shows the same number of dots as the mitten, but the top ten frame shows that some of the dots had moved up to the top 10 frame.  This visually shows kids the ease of creating a bridge to 10... and bridging or making a ten makes for easier addition! Now that that is as clear as mud, here are some pics from the mini unit.

And here are some pics of it in action!

Sorry I couldn't get this pic to rotate or flip!!

for a copy of this 16 page Bridging to 10 activity, put your mittens on and click here!!

That's it for tonight!!!  Let me know if this was helpful at all.  The kids were engaged and some who hadn't gotten the concept before, got it this time!!!  YAY!!

Have a great evening!!