Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pets Rock! Especially non-living ones!!

Hello Everyone!
PHEW! Four day weeks can be very tiring!  Especially the four day week that comes after the holiday break!  I always try to cram five days worth of learning into four.  Well, we made it through and ended the week on a fun note.  We've been working on "living vs. nonliving" in science. I love the AIMS materials when it comes to engaging learning activities.  On Friday, we were able to fit in a fun lesson about the difference in pets. What do we have to do to keep our pets healthy and safe?  Why? Because they are living things.  We learned a quick song, and then got busy making a pet that didn't need to be fed, walked, brushed, etc.  We made pet rocks!  We simply picked up some bags of rocks from Dollar Tree, dug out some eyes and a few other things to decorate, and tah dah! Cute little critters!!  Some of the kiddos named their critters, and I even saw one little one give her critter a little kiss.  Then we talked about the differences between this pet and live pets.  

 If you want a quick little copy of this song, click here! :)

The kids got to take their new Nonliving Pets home!  I hope they are taking good care of them!! :)

Have a great weekend!! Got to go and take care of my living pets!! :)