Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snowman Soup and Marshmallow Men!

Hello Everyone!
Snowman Soup??  That's right!  Our first graders are earning snowballs to trade in for Snowman Soup on Friday. This time of year we sometimes need extra incentives to keep kids motivated!  We came up with this fun idea to incorporate into our snowy theme this week. Each kiddo has a bag where he/she is collecting "snowballs" (cotton balls)  to trade in for different things on the Snowman soup Station Menu.

Graphics are courtesy of djinkers!!

We have also turned it into a math activity practicing that "Missing Addend" concept that so many kids have trouble with.

  On Friday kids will have the opportunity to visit the Snowman Soup Station and buy ingredients with their snowballs.
Want to try it? Click here for the printables!!

Today we continued with our "There's Snow Time Like Winter" fun with some practice with adjectives using poetry, a craft connection with a writing component.  We showed the kids how to make these cute little marshmallow snowmen, and then brainstormed as many adjectives as we could think of to describe him!  We also enjoyed the language in this cute little poem.  

 All these activities, craft connections, including patterns, and poem are available here. Click!

Such a fun day!  Stay tuned for more fun learning!  Thanks for stopping by this little look into the amazing world of first grade!!