Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Adventures of Sneaky E

Hello Everyone!
What a fun day in first grade today!  Yesterday I introduced Sneaky E to the kids.  We had a ball brainstorming Sneaky E words and making the paper bag puppet.   We also learned the Sneaky E song.  Today we put what we learned into ACTION!  Literally!  We made little mini movies about The Adventures of Sneaky E.  We divided into 5 groups and each group chose a Sneaky E word.  A Sneaky E was chosen for each group, and then they were off to practice what they saw in their mind movies as to how Sneaky E would actually go about making the first vowel say it's name.  They were so cute as they practiced!  Then it was time to try to film! 




Okay. UGH!  I've been trying to upload our videos for the past hour and something is just not clicking!!  I am soooo sorry!  I will try again tomorrow, because they are just too cute!! If someone out there knows how to help,  I would appreciate it!! I'm thinking the files might be too big.
Till then, have a great night! Don't let Sneaky E sneak up on you!!




  1. OK...this is too darn cute! I'm going to have to do this with my class. Just saying "silent e" doesn't make them excited. Sneaky E will help them remember AND have fun at the same time!!!

  2. I tried and failed to upload a video on my blog today too, but it's not the first time. I wonder why the error occurs so often. If someone can help figuring this out, would be great!

    Thank you for your post, by the way. Always love seeing your blog.


  3. So, is "Sneaky E" the same thing as the "magic e"? I've always taught the magic e and used a magic wand with a sparkly e on it to show how it can change the short vowel to a long vowel sound. I like this idea, but want to make sure I won't be messing up the e "rules".

  4. What is the tune of the sneaky E song?

  5. I love your paper bag sneaky e, is there any way to get the pattern?

  6. DO you share your pattern? TY


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