Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Doctor is in!

Hello Everyone!
So much fun today with all my little doctors!  A couple of years ago I saw an idea from another teacher friend (Buzzing About 2nd Grade- January 31, 2011) about how she taught contractions. She had the kids do surgery on the words.  Well, we took that same idea and ran with it!  (I posted about this same activity last year and I knew the kids would love it! )   We took words that wanted to be used to make contractions.  They became our patients.  Doctors put on coats, gloves, masks and began surgery . After cutting off the letters not needed and using a bandage for the apostrophe, surgery was complete and patients were sent to the recovery station.  Such a memorable way for kids to "get it!"


Thank you, Buzzing About 2nd for the
amazingly creative idea!!
Have fun with your little doctors!!