Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We're Going To Knock Your Socks Off!!

Hello Everyone!!

Great day back with kiddos today!!  I can't believe how much I missed them!!  We had so much fun talking about what we did on our break! 
One fun activity we did was to talk about our New Year's Resolutions (after talking about what a resolution is, of course!) We learned our new poem and then decided that this year we want to knock your sock off!! We brainstormed a list of the great things we were going to change about ourselves or work on to make ourselves better.  I love the list the kids came up with.  Favorite? Hmmm... Maybe the "Learn to tie shoes." :)

Our New Year's Resolution Brainstorming Chart

Then the kids got to make their own sock!

Just like adults, if we value kids writing enough to display it, they will value it as well!
Plus, hanging these up will be a great reminder of what our resolutions are and that's always a good thing!!
Have a great night!!
Getting ready for a fun math game tomorrow.  Stay tuned!!


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