Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank You!! And Headline News! Kids caught throwing snowballs in class!

Hello Everyone!
Oh My Goodness!  I never thought my little side note the other day would raise so many comments and e-mail messages!  I seriously had no idea the bridges created by this little blog. I am absolutely humbled and completely thrilled by the amazingly sincere and honest thoughts that so many of you shared with me!  I've tried to reply to most of you, but I wanted to just send out a HUGE HUG to each and every one. I feel so blessed...and excited!  I am going to get back on track and continue sharing my heart with you all.  
This week in first grade we are focusing on snow, snowballs, all things cold!  And yes, you read the title of my post correctly!  We were throwing "snowballs" in class!  We were reviewing strategies to use when adding 2 digit numbers (simple base 10 numbers for now) and what better way than to let  the kids throw snowballs at numbers and add them up!! I took a Twister game and wrote numbers on the dots with wipe off markers. Then used large "poof balls" to throw.  The kids had a recording sheet to write addition sentences.  So fun!
 We had cubes in sets of 10 to help kids who still needed manipulatives.

Today we really got into throwing "snowballs!"  This time each kiddo got plain white paper with either an addition sentence or a sum on it.  They crumpled them up and threw them like you would a snowball.  Then they had to pick up a different snowball and uncrumple it, read it, and find the kiddo who had the "match" to their snowball.  Way too much fun!!  

The kids had so much fun, I knew I needed to share! 

Click here for a little mini math unit!
I've included a mini game board for individual play or small group. Also included are 24 addition sentence and sum pages for really throwing your math knowledge around!! Total unit is 24 pages-most are black and white. The colored ink "police" are on alert! :)

Yes! The headlines were correct!  Kids were caught throwing snowballs in class!!  And they were having a ball learning about math!!  Join the fun!

Stay tuned for some more snowball fun tomorrow including a fun incentive program we've got going for our kids!!
Until then, stay warm! and again, thank you for warming my heart so generously!!
I love you all!