Sunday, January 6, 2013

Open Door Words- Oh MY!

Hello Everyone!
Just a speedy quick post tonight.  Back to school for teachers tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone!
Later this week I am working on reading and spelling "Open Door Words" with my firsties.  You may have heard them called open vowel words.  We have studied all the short vowel CVC words, and are getting ready to take on long vowels. What better way than with "Open Door Words."  Here are a few of the pages from a packet I put together (which is already part of my "Happy New Year" unit)  I did add an "Eat Your Words" activity to this one.

For your free copy of this teeny tiny unit, click here!

That's it for tonight!!  Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

  2. I love you. :)
    Thank you for always sharing your wonderful work.
    Have a happy and joyful new year!

  3. You are amazingly generous...thank you for sharing your ideas and printables.

  4. I used this with my students to introduce long vowel sounds after our study on short vowels. It is a very good introduction and the students caught onto hearing the long vowel sound at the end of the word. They got a little confused with long a. They came up with other words like day, say, play etc. The word 'a' in their minds really said short a. Good discussion. Smart little tikes. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. They are very catchy and soooooooooo helpful.

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