Friday, January 20, 2012

Adding Adverbs

Hello Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by to peek through our Window on Wonder!  I wanted to take a minute to share a lesson on adverbs.  We had a lot of fun the other day growing our sentences.  We worked on adding three different kinds of adverbs to a very simple sentence.  Working with a simple verb, we grew our sentence with a  "how," "when," and "where."  We did a ton of brainstorming and then the kids experimented with their own.  The next step is to notice adverbs in our reading and including them in our written expression. 
Click for adding adverbs printable

Thanks for taking a peek! Keep Adding those Adverbs!!


  1. Great activity! I'm having trouble downloading the printable. Could you please send to me? Thanks!

  2. Love this activity for first grade! I am unable to download the printable. Could you please email it to me? Thanks!!!

  3. I have so much fun looking through your sight and finding fun ideas to take back to my class! Your willingness to share is awesome and what makes teaching such an inspiring job! Thank you, you are much appreciated!


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