Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello Everyone!
Just had to post one more quick thing tonight.  Here's a pic of our anchor chart for "Mathemeticians..." We have been working so very hard on so many math concepts, and the kids are getting very good at problem solving and seeing past just the addition and subtraction fact memorization that, for some, is a huge part of first grade math.  We spend a lot of time talking about math and explaining how we got our answers.  For so many of my kids, solving tricky problems and finding the patterns in math is their favorite thing to do!!!  I love it when I see kids working on math at home and knowing answers to questions they know I'm going to ask the next day.  As in many first grade classrooms, we have a "number of the day."  It coincides with how many days we have been in school.The kids know that every day they are going to have to show me as many different ways as they can to get that number. That is easy to prepare for the night before!!  We just had our 90th day of school. Take it from there, kids!!!
Looking forward to a great week!!

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