Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marshmallow Math

Hello Everyone!  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to check up on what our first graders are doing!  Have you ever thought about what marshmallows have to do with math?  Well, when working on place value, marshmallows become the tens and ones places!  Today we used JUMBO marshmallows to show the tens place and regular sized marshmallows to  show the ones place. The kids stuck a toothpick into each marshmallow and then had to show me specific numbers using Fruitloops looped onto the toothpicks.  Kiddos then had to record the number by showing what the model looked like and then write the number.  Who knew math could be so sweet?
place value work mat

Jumbo marshmallows, regular marshmallows and fruit loops

Recording sheet

Gotta love hands on math!!
Thanks for peeking in!  Have a wonderfilled tomorrow and stop by again!


  1. We are starting place value next week. Can't wait to do this with my students and share the idea with my grade level. Linda


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