Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sci Fri- Oil and Water

Hello Everyone,
Friday brought another opportunity to do a quick, inexpensive and fun science observation.  It seems like we've been doing a lot with water, so I thought I'd bring another element into the mix, literally! I wanted to see if the kids could observe and maybe explain what they were seeing if we tried to mix water and oil.  I gave each table group a clear bottle.  One kiddo from each group added about two table spoons of plain water to the bottle.  We then added a drop of food coloring. Each group wanted a different color. The water in each bottle turned a beautiful color and made the water more visible. The kids though this would be the end of the experiment!  But not yet!  We then added about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.  The kids were amazed that the oil sat on top of the water!  Next?  Shake, shake, shake!!  The kids had fun shaking the bottle, and again were amazed that the two liquids stayed mixed for such a short time.  After a few minutes we started seeing the separation again!  We talked a lot about the density of the two liquids, how water was heavier than oil, and how the particles in each wanted to stay together instead of mixing. Very simple and I think clear observation of science at work! 
Just plain Water

Adding food coloring

Adding vegetable oil. 
Can you see the layers?




It doesn't stay mixed for long!

Can you see the separation??

Writing observations in our Science Journal

Colorful Science!

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek into our wonder-filled world!!  First graders are the best!!
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