Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word Surgery

Hey Everyone!  Did you every think that first graders could perform surgery?  Well, what a better way to understand contractions than to actually cut out the letters that are not needed anymore!  I saw this idea while researching contraction activities and thought I'd give it a try with my kiddos. I got some rubber gloves and masks for each kiddo and told them that we were going to become first grade word doctors.  We have been talking about contractions and have noticed them in our reading.  I had each of them write a phrase on a card, choosing from a list. We then donned our gloves and masks, skillfully made our incisions (with scissors), trimming off the unwanted letters, suturing the cut (with tape) and finally closing with a bandaid (which became the apostrophe.)  The kids had a blast and wanted to do more!  I think we may have some true surgeons in our future!!
Word Doctor Supplies

Skillful incision

Careful stitching

ready to suture

Confident surgeon

Successful surgery

Happy Word Doctors!

Thanks for taking a peek!
See you next time!
Have a wonder-filled tomorrow!!


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