Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reading and Writing anchor charts

Hello Everyone!
I thought I would share a couple of our classroom anchor charts.  These were created at the beginning of the year with the kids' help.  We started brainstorming all the different things we read during the day and came up with an amazing list!!  Sometimes I think we forget about the print all around us (environmental print).  Kids are often able to read words like "WalMart" and "Skittles" before they even know many of the sight words we work on daily!  We also made an anchor chart (through the same brainstorming process) about all the things we write during our day.  Again, we take for granted all the writing involved in our daily lives!  It's good to have this visual as a reminder of how important writing is!! Kids have more schema for reading and writing than we realize.  Helping kiddos make connections is so important!

What do we read?
What do we write?

I have so much more I want to share with you!!  Stay tuned!  Thanks for taking a peek into our Wonder-filled classroom! 

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