Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello Everyone!  What do scientists do?  In first grade we work hard on taking on the role of Scientist!  First graders are naturally curious about the world around them.  What a great age to develop those scientific minds!  Each kiddo in the class has a science notebook where they collect any and all recording sheets from all of our experiments.  Every week we add to the chart which reminds them what scientists do. Some of the things included on the chart, are Scientists...examine, discover, hypothesize, predict, make conclusions, read, share, organize, ask questions, research, and many other things. Scientists also have fun!  I hope to instill a love for science in my kids!!
Thanks for taking a peek into our Wonderful World!

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  1. Yeah, it's very true what you said about kids being curious all the time. They always keep on asking questions when they see something they don't know or understand which is a good thing really. However, it is hard when you have to explain something that needs to be positive or you try to make it look positive.


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