Friday, January 13, 2012

Melting Ice Cube

Hello Everyone!  Our SCI FRI today was a quick, easy, inexpensive experience with ice.  After enjoying Jan Brett's books The Mitten and The Hat, I wanted to incorporate a mini science lesson using mittens.  I decided to find out where the kids were with simple scientific thinking.  I asked them to hypothesize whether they thought an ice cube would melt faster sitting on a mitten or held in your hand. We talked about how scientists use what they know to help them with each hypothesis. The class was split on their ideas. Many thought that because they keep our hands warm the mitten would also cause the ice cube to melt faster.  Ask your kiddo what he/she thought!  Even when we don't hypothesize correctly, we learn!  Incorrect ideas are sometimes even more valuable!
recording sheet
Which will it be? The hand or the mitten?


We may have some future scientists on our hands!
Thanks for taking a peek into our wonder-filled classroom!

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