Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Growing Patterns and Adjectives!

A peek into our day...What fun we had in math today.  We have been studying growing patterns and when I found these cute little snowflake counters I knew how we were going to practice!  Each table group was responsible for creating a growing pattern using their snowflake counters. Then they had to record their pattern using addition sentences.  The kids worked so well together and tackled some tough problems!  Way to go, guys!! You are certainly "growing" on me!! :)

This afternoon we worked very hard on adjectives and decided to showcase some spectacular 2012 describing words!  I am "blown away" at the words these kids come up with!!  We had a lot of fun brainstorming words to describe how 2012 was going to be!!  Spectacular, awesome, fun, and devine :) are just a few!!  We also learned when to use commas while listing things in a sequence!  Look at how we spotlighted our awesome adjectives!

We had a very busy day and learned so much!  Thanks for taking a peek!!
Have a happy tomorrow!

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