Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Readers

Hello everyone!
We have been working very hard on what good readers do.  We decided to brainstorm and come up with an anchor chart which will help remind us on a daily basis!  Today we got to add "Good Readers Make Inferences" because we have become very aware of the need to do that with many of the books we read! Most of the time it happens before we even know it!  Sometimes the author makes us work hard on inferencing!!  Here's a picture of our chart! 

Good Readers!
Some of the other things we wanted on our chart were Good Readers...use pictures, make corrections, use schema, make predictions, set a purpose for reading, reread, talk about books, and retell stories. We have room for more that we will surely add later this year!!  Keep up the great work kids!!!

Stay tuned for a post about a special reader we had, some wonderful work we've done with writing, and some cute word work!!

Till then...thanks for taking a peek! Hope you are enjoying the view!!
Have a wonder-filled tomorrow!

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