Sunday, January 8, 2012

Friday Fun

A peek into Friday...Hello everyone!  I thought I would post a little bit about Fridays!  This past Friday we had the incredible opportunity to dedicate a new bell for the school. It is so special because our building has been open for seven years which means that the first group of kindergarteners are now sixth graders and we will also have our first group of kids who went to this school graduate from high school this spring.  Our graduating sixth graders and our graduating seniors will be able to ring the bell. What a wonderful incentive to stay connected! What a wonderful new tradition!

Fridays in my classroom is Gold Nugget trading day.  Kiddos have the opportunity to earn gold nuggets (goes along with the western theme in my classroom) for going above and beyond the norm in the classroom.  They can save nuggets to trade in for things like "treasure box" items, pencils, stickers or ice cream.  It is always amazing to me what kids save for and what they choose.  Enjoy the pics!

Friday is also a day we celebrate science.  I call our science time SCI FRI!  The kids so look forward to our little experiments and experiences, and are really learning what scientists do.  Today we were distinguishing the differences between living and nonliving.  We went outside to document our observations.  We chose objects found outside and answered questions about their characteristics.  The kids had fun and learned so much about living and nonliving. All of our documents are added to our Science journals!!  I will post some of our outher SCI FRI activities soon!

Thanks for taking a peek into our Friday!!  Please stop by again soon!!
Have a wonder-filled tomorrow!

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